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Steps of How You Should Use Mala Beads in Your Meditation

Mala beads have been used for centuries in the art of meditation. They started as tools of religion prayers for Hindus and Buddha. In modern-day meditation beads are used globally for personal meditation to enhance the focus of the process. Obtaining peace and focus during meditation is essential if you want to achieve optimal meditation experience. The use of meditation beads in daily meditation activities like yoga is to improve the focus during such practices. You can use the guidelines below to integrate mala beads in your daily meditation routine.

The first consideration is to ask yourself what you seek to achieve through the meditation. There is no shortage of reasons why people meditate. Based on the goals you have in mind, you should choose mala beads that match your intentions to ensure the best experiences. The various mala beads for different purposes are peace, love and prosperity meditation beads. The meditation affirmation chants are also determined based on the purpose of the meditation. Some mantras are unique to be used in particular meditation goals hence the goal should be well established.

The third factor is to ensure that you set up your meditation location and position appropriately. Location is essential to ensure the most minimal interruptions and ensure maximum meditation experience. A suitable meditation location should be quiet and with some degree of privacy to avoid interruptions during the meditation. Other than the location, the sitting position should be of as music comfort as possible while the legs remain crossed. Sitting on a soft material such as a pillow or a heavy sheet can also be used to enhance comfort.

The third guide is to ensure you adopt crucial breathing methods in your meditation for personal comfort. It is wise to take long nose breaths and while controlling the exhales through the mouth. When you are breathing out, it should be slowly and matched to your affirmation chants for maximum meditation experience. You should be holding the mala beads on the right hand strategically at the middle finger during the mediation. While chanting your mantra, you should be moving your mala beads one by one using the thumb to move the beads.

The final tip is to stop the affirmation chants when you reach the summit bid. In case you want to go for another round of meditation, you should rotate the mala beads and go to the opposite direction rather than jumping the summit bead. Your breathing should be observed at regular instances especially at the end of the meditation cycle to ensure it is optimal. How long the meditation process continues depends on your personal needs.

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