The Importance of Pond Pumps for Koi and Other Fish

As property owners plan to have a pond constructed in their yard, they need to consider how they will aerate the pond to keep the water from getting stagnant. Aeration is especially important if they plan to have fish living in the water, since the oxygen production is essential for their health. These property owners may want to consider products like easypro submersible pumps – Living Water Aeration that are installed under the water surface.

What Type of Pump Is Best?

If this is someone’s first experience with having fish in a pond, the person might worry that an underwater pump could harm the fish. Would an external pump, a floating model or a fountain be better? Any of these options is fine and acceptable for fish. Part of the decision depends on the size of the pond. Representatives from a supplier of pumps can answer these questions.

All of these features circulate the water and enhance oxygen levels. Fountains are more obvious than most underwater pumps because people can see the drops hitting the surface and creating lots of bubbles. However, people must understand that fountains are driven by pumps, so one of those devices is included in this product.

In regard to fish habitat, submersible pumps are usually only suitable for small or medium ponds, and not for larger ones of more than 1,000 gallons. Those pumps are energy efficient and will not have as big an impact on the electric bill as external pumps do.

A Pond With Koi or a Different Species?

Many property owners planning on having a pond want to bring koi fish to live in the water. Those fish are popular because they are available in intriguing colors. They often become pets as well as pond decor, so to speak. Technically, they are edible, but they are expensive to buy so people generally don’t want them for that purpose.

Other people, however, don’t want to have fish for pets but do like the idea of being able to catch fish for recreation or even for food. They will want different species in that case and not koi.